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Wintry Landscape Stock by maslenitsa

Very nicely done picture its very clear and has a good depth of field about it. From an artistic stand point I would tell you try not to always put the main target of the photo in the center of the picture. Use the rule of thirds shift a little to the left or the right perhaps even try shooting the house from an angle which may require you to take the picture from further back. The lighting is nice and I understand you had the idea of looking like a cozy house, however when your dealing with winter pictures and other photos that have a lot of dark browns, blacks, and grays you need to be more careful with the lighting because you lose some of the pictures quality and run the risk of some of those colors looking actually more blue then say brown or black. This is known as the tempature ( sorry if i spelled that wrong) of the photo to cold or lacking light the photo has a strong blue tint on it. To shot or to much light then the photo has a very strong yellow and orange tint to it. That being said your vision for the photo was very good but not excellent. Originality I had to give it a mid range mark because this is a common style of photo. Technique was good but because of the lack of light not perfect. For impact it was good but not perfect again do to the lighting which stole from the vibrancy of the photo. You did a good job though all around be proud of your work and hope to see more of it in the future
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