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surrender by cms-star

Very nice and peaceful feel to the picture however there are a few things I can point out in order to help you get a better photo next time. One the framing of the picture also known as the cropping on the top is right in the middle of two trees. You never want to really cut something in half like that because it ruins the lines of the photo. I know the water was the main focus and I understand you wanted to get the main body of water more then anything. That's fine but you have to be careful that you don't get so focused on the main subject of the photo that it causes you to miss whats going on around the main subject. For this photo all you had to do was back up one or two steps and it would change a good photo to a great photo. If you have an editing program like adobe lightroom I would recommend increasing the vibrancy and clarity levels this would give more detail in the blades of grass and make the photo look cleaner. You did a good job keep up the good work and keep shooting just watch out for getting that photographers version of tunnel vision. Always check the borders of the photo before shooting. :)
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cms-star Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
ok!! that's great!! thank you - i never even thought of that before!! i look forward to tryin that!!
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