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Solitude by cheslah

This is a really petty photo and has great color in it. However you cut the roof off the photo at a bad spot. You never want to cut an object in half like that you want to cut it right above it. Don't be afraid to frame your main subject using the natural surroundings around it I.E the wooden hut. All you needed to do was take one step backwards and it would of fit just fine and not take away from the main subject ( the girl). Also a rule of thumb when taking photos of people you don't want to take pictures of the soles of there shoes. Is just considered a little gross and in some cultures showing the souls of your shoes is considered an insult. I would have told her to try and maybe just pose with both legs out front or even photograph her barefoot. Just not with the souls of the shoes facing the lens. You did a great job other then that keep up the good work :)
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