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Allyssa Senior Portrait by cheslah

On this photo you have a nice subject with good colors however you cut the subjects arm off right down the center of it and that's a no no. When shooting a portrait photo you don't want to cut any of the body off that's in the main line of view. The other thing I would recommend ( and I'm only being nit picky in order to help you improve not being mean I like your work :) ) is the pocket on her breast. I would have recommended she use the top blue shirt/jacket to cover it. The reason why is because it draws attention away from her face and put's it awkwardly on her bust. The last thing I would recommend also was to use a flash the photo is a little dark from the shade and she has bright colors on her and the umbrella that aren't really popping out the way that they should. Keep working and taking shots your style and quality will improve with time I have faith in you :)
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